Aberdulais Tin Works and Waterfall



The little one got an explorer pack and she loved going round with her magnifying glass and taking rubbings on the plaques provided. I enjoyed the aroma pots that were included and helped bring history to another level! Brilliant!

Trip Advisor review Mark S visited July 2015

Project profile

The site

A secluded gorge with a powerful waterfall that has attracted a range of industries dating back to the 16th century. The remains of a pioneering tin-plate works are still present to explore and the waterfall still draws people to admire it’s raw power and beauty.


To improve the appeal of the site for family visitors.

Services provided by Lisa Kirman

Creative project development – Research into social and industrial heritage – Budget and programme management – Copy writing – Concept designs – Commissioning, briefing and managing illustrator, sculptors, designer, fabricator, welsh translator, production of panels, printing of leaflet and materials for family pack – Sourcing sundry supplies for the family pack – Facilitating staff – Reporting to European Funding administrators – Coordination of design and production of all outcomes.


  • Visitor leaflet
  • Intriguing information panel
  • Family trail and support materials
  • Welcome information panel

Project portfolio

 Visitor leaflet

Extract from the new visitor leaflet with birds eye illustration of the site.

leaflet map















An intriguing  information panel

Facing out from the site, this panel was designed to be intriguing from a distance – giving the impression of the Victorian child tin-workers peering through the bars of the gate.Interpretation Panel at Aberdulais Tin Works. Situated outside the gates to the site, the panel was designed to be intrigueing from a distance and thus entice visitors to look into the site and also provide a glimpse into the story and characters of the Tin Works.gate panel










An interpretive timeline

Following my development of concepts I approached and briefed suitable sculptors  to present their own interpretation of a timeline for this site. From there and in conjunction with the client, a sculptor was selected to produce and install the feature on-site.

timeline sketch1

Concept sketches by Lisa Kirman


Interpretive timeline sculpture produced by Gideon Peterson







timeline sketch2





A family trail

I worked with staff to develop an existing guided tour and adapt it to create a new sensory trail supported with the following features

  • A family trail pack containing a printed set of 10 detective cards with bespoke illustrations, eye spy cards, 2 smell cubes (smelly feet and coal fires) which visitors are prompted to use on the detective cards, a brush to use in the young archaeologist pit to uncover hidden items, binoculars
  • A set of 10 acrylic rubbing plaques with images that tally with the detective cards. The fixings for the plaques were fabricated to fit to existing site furniture in order to keep clutter to a minimum.
  • A booklet for children to make their rubbings in providing them with a pictorial story of the site to take away.
Rubbing plaque and booklet in use.

Rubbing plaque and booklet in use.

Extract from trail pack - how to uyse

Introduction to the family trail pack

Cover of sketch book

Cover of sketch book

Bag cover image NT website

Family trail pack in use








 A welcome information sign

A predominantly pictorial welcome sign giving the context of the site and providing information of interest to locals and visitors alike.

car park panel